Baby food and children’s foods

The production of baby food and children’s foods is one of the sectors in the food world affected by the most constant evolution, as regards nutritional content and value added in terms of use. To meet consumer demands for quality and safety, production solutions are needed developed according to the evolution of an increasingly more diversified demand.

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Tomatoes are a basic ingredient of numerous preparations widely-consumed all over the world and the demand for increasingly more innovative and high value added products means producers have to enhance the range with varieties able to satisfy new eating requirements and habits. Technological solutions are therefore required able to cater to a broad range of different needs and make the difference on a fast-growing, but highly competitive international market.

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Chemical products

The chemical industry plays a paramount role in our lives, producing an endless number of products for daily use and widespread consumption worldwide. The high degree of specialization needed for each individual production and the keen global competition call for a decisive contribution to the technologies used to make products able to satisfy consumer demands increasingly more discerning as regards safety, costs and environmental impact.

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Yeast is a primary player in the production of numerous foods and beverages. Given its central role in basic food industry processes like baking, technologies are required able to ensure reliability, production continuity, quality and safety.

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Extracts (soy, Jerusalem artichoke and other vegetable extracts)

Soy, Jerusalem artichoke and other vegetable extracts are part of the production of numerous food products and beverages. To satisfy the different requirements of each individual production process and the different geographic areas, focus must be on obtaining perfect extracts specifically designed for each intended use.

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Aromas and essences

Aromas and essences play an increasingly more important role in the food world. The global demand for flavour diversification and personalization of the food experience makes the extraction, marketing and use of aromas and essences an essential operation for industry players.

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Gelatines and proteins

In the ingredients sector, gelatines and proteins are decisive in preserving or enhancing the flavour, consistency and appearance of foods, as well as their nutritional values. In view of their importance, to extract them, reliable and efficient technologies are required, 100% in line with international quality and health standards.

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Tea and chamomile tea

Tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages and its health benefits have been known for a long time. This is a simple product from which can be obtained a very high number of types to be placed on the market, starting with the most natural varieties right up to a broad range of aromatized teas. The more simple and natural the product, the greater the need for industrial solutions able to preserve a delicate and unique aroma appreciated the world over.

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Sugar-based mixes with cocoa, milk or coffee

Thanks to the use of aromas and the search for new formulas and mixes, the food industry is considerably extending the range of products to be presented on what is a fast-growing market like that of aromatized milk or ice-cream. Ensuring the co-existence of flavour and health in the same product is a primary goal, just like the ability to promptly innovate to reach a fast-evolving market, full of opportunities.

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Coffee and coffee substitutes

Enjoying a good cup of coffee is something that lots of people have in common all over the world. Aroma, taste and fragrance are the characteristics that distinguish a quality product, much appreciated, and make it popular with a large number of consumers. Hence coffee processing technologies must be totally reliable and tailored right down to the smallest detail to ensure a product which responds precisely to the positioning required by the manufacturer.


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Milk, whey and by-products

The consumption of milk and its by-products is growing worldwide. Milk has always been a basic staple of the human diet thanks to its nourishing properties. To satisfy the growing and more widespread demand, efficient production systems are required able to provide, at the same time, quality, quantity and versatility, with schedules consistent with consumption needs and minimization of raw material waste.

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ICF & Welko develops innovative technologies for the production of soluble beverages, with turnkey solutions. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we are able to design solutions that can be perfectly integrated in existing plants and which are fully tailored to the customer’s needs, including as regards the end result to be achieved. Our systems comply with international standards and permit cutting resources and energy consumption, producing savings and softening the impact on the environment. They also require very little maintenance.

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