Coffee and
coffee substitutes


An enjoyable habit
appreciated worldwide

Enjoying a good cup of coffee is something that lots of people have in common all over the world. Aroma, taste and fragrance are the characteristics that distinguish a quality product, much appreciated, and make it popular with a large number of consumers. Hence coffee processing technologies must be totally reliable and tailored right down to the smallest detail to ensure a product which responds precisely to the positioning required by the manufacturer.


Coffee processing
from the bean to the cup

Thanks to our extensive experience and to the skills and professionalism of our designers and technicians, we provide individual solutions and complete plants dedicated to the coffee industry and are in a position to direct individual customers towards those systems best suited to their needs.

Our processes ensure the highest degree of protection and preservation of the natural coffee aroma; this way, each single type of coffee maintains its persistent fragrance and a full and round flavour able to satisfy all consumers.

Complete turnkey plants

Besides individual components that can be perfectly integrated within existing lines, we provide complete plants for the coffee industry, from the incoming station to the packaging of the finished product. Thanks to constant commitment towards developing our industrial and technological know-how, we are able to supply plants consisting of solutions created thanks to specialized individual-process skills, to enable coffee manufacturers to achieve excellent quality standards through reasonable investments.

The ICF & Welko range
for the coffee industry