Instantizer / Agglomerator RC-R

ICF & Welko manufactures a special equipment designed for instantizing food mixes, which allows obtaining agglomerated finished products with “instant” characteristics. The machine uses steam in the process, ensuring better product flowability and transport and ensuring reproducible lots for filling and pill making.


  • Designed for continuous production
  • Able to form agglomerates with an open-pore structure which absorbs liquids and ensures easier agglomerate dissolution
  • Gives the product greater flowability and transport characteristics, more regular metering and filling of packaging and pill-making machines and a substantial drop in specific weight


  • Sugar-based mixes of cocoa, cocoa-milk, coffee or substitutes, coffee milk, tea and chamomile extracts, skimmed and soy milk, non-dairy creamer
  • Fruit gelatines, aromas, soft drinks, aspartame, maltodextrins, sodium glutamate
  • Proteins, salt supplements, dietetic products
  • Custards, confectionery creams, chocolate or vanilla mousse
  • Baby foods, with precooked flours, with biscuits
  • Condiments for broth, soups, etc.