Performing excellence
for the ceramic industry

We supply complete production lines for the ceramic industry and place ourselves at the customer’s service as main contractor, or else present individual solutions able to fit into already-existing lines. Thanks to our long experience in the industry, we develop know-how and technologies tailored to the needs of each individual customer in order to generate product and process innovation.


Complete lines

Expertise, experience and partnerships with major industrial concerns make us the ideal partner for designing, building and installing complete lines for the ceramic industry. We represent a single contact point for the introduction of a new plant and each phase is directly followed by ICF & Welko engineers and personnel to provide a complete turnkey service.


Grinding and spray drying

From batching to drying, grinding and colouring, we offer a range of different solutions for preparation processes, to always ensure top-quality performance.



Our presses are designed to cater to the different production requirements of ceramic manufacturers and provide the very best standards in terms of reliability, safety, precision with all types of bodies, production capacities and reduction of energy consumption.


Heat treatment

We design and manufacture reliable and safe kilns for firing ceramic tiles. These are designed to ensure uniform temperatures during firing, reduce heat dispersion and energy consumption and cut polluting emissions.