Horizontal driers

The horizontal roller driers are designed to cater to all the requirements of a modern in-line rapid drying system and the current demands of the ceramic industry. The evolution of the presses and sizes to be made has made this type of machine an outright necessity from a technical-technological viewpoint and also an ideal plant engineering solution. The horizontal driers are made in various widths, from 1.5 to 3.6 m, and different version – from 1 to 7 superimposed levels.


  • Can be designed for any capacity required by customer
  • Perfect temperature uniformity inside channels
  • Constant material outfeed temperature
  • Absolute flexibility as regards cycles, thicknesses and sizes
  • Reduced consumption
  • Different channel cycle options


  • Drying of ceramic tiles and slabs of different thicknesses and sizes
  • Different material surface processing
  • Brick and roof tile drying