Experience and bespoke approach
for the ceramic industry

Decades of experience on international markets and specialized expertise acquired in the industry enable us to support ceramic industries by providing equipment assembled to measure for each specific need and to support customers with a highly-qualified after-sales service.


Ceramic expertise

We enable ceramic industries to benefit from our extensive experience in the production and installation of plants, installations at international level and constant updates thanks among other things to our location at the centre of one of the world’s major ceramic production districts.


Test Lab

The Research and Development department responds in an innovative way to the requests of each individual customer. In our Test Lab, we simulate the characteristics of a product and find the right processing solution to give shape to new ideas.


Proactive Lean Engineering

Quality, versatility, reduction of consumption: these are today’s keywords for evolving manufacturing processes, and these are the characteristics provided by our installations, designed to support the competitiveness of our customers.


Plant start-up assistance

Our job does not end with delivery, but continues with a dedicated after-sales service that helps our partners to start-up and correctly operate their new plants, integrate new solutions in an existing line and provide operators with the necessary technical training.