C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) cleaning system

To maintain continuative working cycles, plant cleaning must be carefully planned. In food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene is crucial, the Cleaning in Place (C.I.P.) system is used to clean the important parts of the plants instead of manual or semi-automatic cleaning.

A mix of chemical products, heat and water cleans machines, tanks or pipes, without having to dismantle the plant. A very efficient washing method, which, in the long term, permits saving time and money.


  • Reduction of operating costs and appliance washing times
  • Increase in efficiency and available process time
  • Guarantee of washing efficiency and reproducibility
  • Less water consumption and use of chemical products
  • Less wastewater pollution


The C.I.P. plants are designed for manual or automatic washing backed by the technology of the washing devices on board the machine and can be integrated in any type of production plant.