Fluidized-bed dryer-cooler

The fluidized-bed dryer is used to dry, heat or cool powders or granules. It is usually used downstream of a spray-dryer to process powder at outfeed, but can also be used as an independent application. Depending on the characteristics of the product to be fluidized (density, grain-size distribution, heat exchange coefficient, etc.), ICF & Welko is able to come up with the best solution to achieve the parameters requested in the end product.


  • The same unit can be successfully used for numerous operations such as drying, heating, cooling, calcination, dust removal and agglomeration, with independent air-flow temperature, humidity and condensation point control and control of fluidizing speed
  • It operates delicately and efficiently by means of direct contact between the heated air or gas and the product to obtain heat and mass transfer.
  • The fluidizing process enables the product to flow along the bed without interruption, and to come out of the opposite side.
  • Can be used to manage products which are sensitive or toxic as a consequence of the heat, or products sensitive to oxygen exposure, or materials with inflammable liquid solvents.


  • Sugar-based mixes of cocoa, cocoa-milk, coffee or substitutes, coffee milk, tea and chamomile extracts, skimmed and soy milk, non-dairy creamer
  • Fruit gelatines, aromas, soft drinks, aspartame, maltodextrins, sodium glutamate
  • Proteins, salt supplements, dietetic products
  • Custards, confectionery creams, chocolate or vanilla mousse
  • Baby foods, with precooked flours, with biscuits
  • Condiments for broth, soups, etc.