Spray dryer

The spray dryer permits producing powders by means of water evaporation and applies to solutions, suspensions or emulsions. Once the operating parameters have been defined, this is a solution which permits obtaining powders or small agglomerates with defined and constant characteristics (humidity, grain size distribution, density). The process envisages the spray drying of the concentrated food liquid in small drops inside a chamber where hot air circulates.


  • Can be designed for any capacity required by customer
  • Feed speed from just a few pounds to over 100 tons/hour
  • Continuous and adaptable operation, with fully automatic control
  • Can be used with both heat-resistant products, and with heat-sensitive products
  • Spray drying system with integrated loop fluidized bed, turbine spray drier, indirect heat exchanger, external fluidized bed and scrubber dust remover


  • Milk / whey and by-products
  • Coffee and coffee substitutes
  • Tea and chamomile tea
  • Gelatines – proteins
  • Baby food and children’s foods
  • Aromas and essences
  • Extracts (soy, Jerusalem artichoke and other vegetable extracts)
  • Tomato
  • Yeasts
  • Chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical products