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The consumption of milk and its by-products is growing worldwide. Milk has always been a basic staple of the human diet thanks to its nourishing properties. To satisfy the growing and more widespread demand, efficient production systems are required able to provide, at the same time, quality, quantity and versatility, with schedules consistent with consumption needs and minimization of raw material waste.


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ICF & Welko is a global supplier of excellent milk-processing solutions and plants and for the production of by-products such as powdered and granular milk. The quality of our systems is consistent with the highest international standards thanks to solutions that respect the particular chemical-physical nature of the raw material. Powdered milk and milk by-products, such as whey and proteins, are used in the food industry to prepare baby foods, energy and dietetic foods, chocolates, ice-creams, instant beverages like cappuccino or cocoa-based drinks and many other widely popular products.

Complete turnkey plants

Besides individual components that can be perfectly integrated in existing lines, we supply complete plants for the dairy industry, from the incoming station through to finished-product packaging. Thanks to on-going commitment in the development of industrial and technological know-how, we are able to supply plants consisting of solutions created using skills specific to each individual process.

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