Chemical products


Our systems at the service
of the chemical industry

The chemical industry plays a paramount role in our lives, producing an endless number of products for daily use and widespread consumption worldwide. The high degree of specialization needed for each individual production and the keen global competition call for a decisive contribution to the technologies used to make products able to satisfy consumer demands increasingly more discerning as regards safety, costs and environmental impact.


ICF & Welko supports
the chemical industry

We are able to field extensive experience in the industry and provide cutting-edge technology solutions for making a broad range of chemical products such as polymers, resins, tannins, detergents, dyes and pigments. Our vocation for innovation in industrial processes enables us to design tailored solutions together with our customers, for the characteristics of every single end product. In particular, design starts in our Test Lab, where we research the best way to meet the demands of our customers.

The ICF & Welko range
for chemical products