Tea and chamomile tea


A cup full of
flavour and health

Tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages and its health benefits have been known for a long time. This is a simple product from which can be obtained a very high number of types to be placed on the market, starting with the most natural varieties right up to a broad range of aromatized teas. The more simple and natural the product, the greater the need for industrial solutions able to preserve a delicate and unique aroma appreciated the world over.


Our solutions for
tea and chamomile tea

We at ICF & Welko believe that the best solution is the one which most adapts to the required end product and which supports the customer in product innovation and market competition at quality and efficiency level. The creation of a new blend starts in our Test Lab, where we check its characteristics and design the tailored solution to obtain it. Our expertise and extensive experience enable us to design high-performance machines that ensure tea and chamomile tea maintain all their intense and appealing aroma.

The ICF & Welko range
for the tea and chamomile tea industry