Changing the way
you quench your thirst

With a very high number of new products appearing on the market, that of soluble beverages is among the most competitive. A burgeoning demand, and changing consumer tastes do however make production a challenge which can only be won by means of constant product innovation and efficient production methods able to provide top-quality products in large volumes to conquer shelves throughout the world.


Our tailored solutions
for your product

ICF & Welko develops innovative technologies for the production of soluble beverages, with turnkey solutions. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we are able to design solutions that can be perfectly integrated in existing plants and which are fully tailored to the customer’s needs, including as regards the end result to be achieved. Our systems comply with international standards and permit cutting resources and energy consumption, producing savings and softening the impact on the environment. They also require very little maintenance.

The ICF & Welko range
for the production of beverages