We design and manufacture complete and customized industrial plants with specialist solutions of absolute excellence for every process step in the food, and chemical sectors.



Our drying solutions achieve the very highest standards as regards efficiency, versatility, safety and environmental protection. Each individual installation is tailor-made to meet the parameters required by the customer.



The global instant food mix market requires an increasing number of rapid-dissolution products with excellent hygiene and flavour characteristics. We design customized solutions to enhance the features of each single product in total safety.


Pre-treatment of milk / whey

From raw milk, to pasteurisation and pre-concentration, our dairy plants provide the highest standards in the food industry for the first stages of milk and whey processing.


Green coffee treatment

Our coffee industry plants provide efficient solutions for a product that is free of impurities, thanks to precise incoming weighing systems and pre- and post-roasting and for separating green coffee from foreign bodies.


Powder Cooling

Wherever powder cooling is needed during processing, we offer technologically advanced solutions that guarantee product safety and high consumption efficiency.



In the case of high lactose content products (such as whey), to improve the efficiency of the dryer and the quality of the powder, we offer completely integrated dairy plant solutions for controlled-temperature cooling.


Evaporation / Concentration

Usually positioned upstream  of the dryer, our evaporators make the drying stage more cost-effective by concentrating the product and making it possible to obtain powders according to market standards.



The roasting process takes place through hot air flows which eliminate water by means of controlled pyrolysis. It is at this point that the coffee develops its aroma: our solutions enhance the specific aroma of each type of coffee.



We provide solutions in line with the most recent food industry standards for the extraction of soluble solids and aroma in coffee industry processing


Process control

We provide solutions for the safety and flexibility of process control for complete plants in the dairy and coffee industries.


Washing and sanitizing

To wash and sanitize food production plants, we present an efficient, safe, prompt and money-saving solution.